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Welcome to the Hades 2 Wiki and Guides!

Biggest Hades II Database maintained by the Community

Biggest Hades 2 Wiki and Guides Database made by the Community

Hades II guides website maintained by the players. Information about the game, datamined info, visual and text guides, and videos - are all created by the community so that anyone can find all the information about Hades II in one convenient place. Anyone can Log in and start contributing.

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Hades 2 Wiki is a place where Guides meet the Wiki content, making it the best source of info on the game where anyone can contribute to make it better.

Nocturnal Arms Card.png

List of Hades II Nocturnal Arms, their abilities and progression paths.

Boons Card SEO.png

Hades II Gods Boons and their combinations.

Items Card.png

Hades II Minor boons for upgrading and purchasing equipment

Tools Card.png

Hades II Tools for resource gathering

Characters Card.png

Detailed info on Hades II Characters

List of Hades II Locations

List of Hades II Game Mechanics, effects etc.

Hades II Text Guides and tips for new and experienced players.

Best Hades II Video Guides from all over the web.

Quickly refer to important Hades II information from one easy page.

About Hades II Wiki
[edit | edit source]

Hades II Game-Vault Wiki is a community-driven website that aims for collecting as much information on Hades II as possible. Anything from the Beginner Guides with tips and tricks for the new players that will help to get a good game start to the advanced mechanics tips with thorough guides on sophisticated game mechanics. All those guides have links to ingame wiki items, that can help you to get as much information about the game as you need. Its up to you to decide how deep you want to dive into: just a sneak peek at basic tips or deep theorycrafting using available data. Our goal is to make most detailed Hades II Wiki with deep articles on each topic.

How to edit and add to Hades II Wiki
[edit | edit source]

Wiki is new and Work in Progress, so a lot of info will be added. If you wish to contribute to the wiki just register and start editing. Join the wiki Discord for editing help and coordination and become part of the community.

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